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Step 1: Obtain pre-approval on mortgage & Find solicitor (We have long-term partnerships with mortgage experts and solicitors, feel free to ask us for recommendations.)

Step 2: Register your interest with us (online via property alert or simply call / email us about your requirements.)

Step 3: Not only we will update you regularly with suitable listings but also we will actively look for ideal properties for you through our extended network.

Step 4: Come to our scheduled inspections, or ask for arrangement of private showing fits better to your schedule.

Step 5: Present [offer + 0.25% deposit (of purchase price)] when you find the property you like, we will negotiate the price and terms with the seller on your behalf with honesty, integrity and balanced interest on both sides in mind.

Step 6: Upon agreement on price and terms (subject to cooling off period), we will organize contract signing by both buyer and seller, also contract exchange to both solicitors.

Step 7: During cooling off period, you should instruct your solicitor to proceed with the conveyancing process and your financier to secure a formal loan approval.

Step 8: After cooling off period, the sale becomes unconditional based on satisfactory strata search & formal loan approval. 10% deposit is due at this point.

Step 9: Either on settlement day or prior, we will organize a final inspection of the property with you to ensure everything is in the good condition and confirm all inclusions.

Step 10: Upon settlement, balance of the sale price is due from your solicitor to the seller, and we will release the keys to you based on confirmation from both solicitors. This is known as an order on the agent.

Congratulations on your new home! Our sales team will patiently guide you through the entire buying process and ensure all your concerns are well addressed.

Lay trust in us for finding you the perfect home!

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