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Our goal: Sell your property at best possible price within shortest possible time. What PW REALTY does differently?

Accustomed selling strategy

Our experienced sales agent who has intimate knowledge of your neighbourhood will meet with you initially to appraise the property and define accustomed marketing / sales strategy. Selling strategy is developed based on recent sold history / active competitive listings / target buyers’ preferences / overall market situation, most importantly, specifics about your property, both advantages to maximize and disadvantages to minimize. 

Best presentation

1. First impression of your property counts. Our experienced sales agent would outline a list of things for your consideration to make a better presentation of your property. (such as minor repairs, removing clutter for a better impression of space, adding decoration for a better appeal.)

2. Partnered with professional photographers to take photos of your property under guidance from our experienced sales agent, we ensure the best images of your property on all advertisements, stressing the selling points while avoiding the disadvantages. 

Maximized market exposure

The greater market exposure brings more buyers, in turn for a higher selling price & a quicker sell. Your listed property with PW REALTY enjoys not only premium ads on Domain & Real, but also exclusive exposure to our valuable customer database fueled by our extensive local community network, foreign real estate investor network, immigration network & customer referrals. On top of the traditional channels, we leverage social medias; local neighbourhood shops; local newspaper; flyers; online e-campaign to gain extra exposure which is all tailored to your property. 

Unsurpassed service

1. Providing our customers with superb service is our No.1 priority, we firmly believe our service is unsurpassed in the industry. Our entire sales team is fully dedicated and devoted, we work 24 by 7 to serve you through the selling process, aim for your ultimate satisfaction.

2. When we receive potential buyers’ inquiries about your property, we promise to reply within the same day. In this way, we keep any potential lead hot for your property.

3. If needed, we do two showings a week, one on Wed., the other on Sat., additionally, we arrange showings for any potential buyers who can’t make to the scheduled showings. One more viewing means one more chance for your property.

4. During the showing, we record all potential buyer’s info, and after the showing, we diligently follow up on every and each potential lead, meantime, we report back to owner on weekly basis about buyers’ feedback. This is to keep you fully informed throughout the selling process and allow us to align and adjust the selling strategy timely based on true market conditions.

5. We follow up with most prospect buyers diligently to address any of their concerns and negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best offer.

6. Our premium service doesn’t stop here, we continue to follow through with both buyer and you, to ensure the deal goes through smoothly all the way to settlement.

7. Leveraging our network of solicitors; mortgage experts; moving & cleaning personnel, our service is comprehensive and we can serve all your needs in the best way possible. 

Like our slogan “Where Only Results Matter”, we act on what we say, we deliver what we promise, we spare no efforts to chase the results you desire!


Step 0: You should instruct your solicitor to prepare sales contract.

Step 1: Request for free market appraisal online. (Or simply call / email us.)

Step 2: Our sales professional visits your property and presents you with a well-researched market appraisal & tailored selling strategy.

Step 3: If you are happy, you can sign agency agreement with us.

Step 4: We advise you on how to prepare your property for the best presentation during inspections.

Step 5: We arrange professional photo taking of your property.

Step 6: We launch comprehensive marketing campaign to promote your property.

Step 7: We arrange bi-weekly + private inspections & follow up on all enquiries and leads.

Step 8: We present you with the best offer collected and receive 0.25% deposit from buyer. We will negotiate the price and terms with the buyer on your behalf with honesty, integrity and balanced interest on both sides in mind.

Step 9: Upon agreement on price and terms (subject to cooling off period), we will organize contract signing by both buyer and you, also contract exchange to both solicitors.

Step 10: During cooling off period, we will follow up diligently with the buyer to ensure all additional concerns are addressed properly.

Step 11: After cooling off period, the sale becomes unconditional based on satisfactory strata search & formal loan approval from buyer side. 10% deposit is due at this point from the buyer.

Step 12: Either on settlement day or prior, we will organize a final inspection of the property with the buyer to ensure everything is in the good condition and confirm all inclusions.

Step 13: Upon settlement, we will transfer the balance to you and we will release the keys to the buyer based on confirmation from both solicitors. This is known as an order on the agent.

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